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Activists for Truth went to Dallas City Hall to fight fluoride on April 23, 2014! We are making an impact, so please spread the word!!

NBC-DFW: Dallas Council Members Support Dropping Fluoride

Chantal Arashvand Speaks to Dallas City Council to Remove Fluroide

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The meeting will start at 7:00pm and goes until 9:00pm. 

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Further conversation and planning is encouraged. We usually leave when they are locking up!! 

If your cause needs a platform, we are an umbrella group that promotes liberty. We put on and promote events for 100 - 300 people at good venues around the city.

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Activists for Truth Go to Dallas City Hall to Fight Fluoride

Regina Imburgia speaks to Dallas City Council about fluoride (April 2, 2014)
The Dallas City Council appeared to be listening! Please call (214-670-3738) and email (find your Council Member's email at and tell them it is in their hands!

in the 48 years since the 1965 Dallas City Council decision to add fluoride to the water, conclusive evidence shows the benefits of fluoride are topical and risky when ingested. Save the money, halt the addition of fluoride!

Chantal Imburgia speaks to Dallas City Council about fluoride (March 5, 2014)

Linda Patterson and Josh Finkenbinder speak to the Dallas City Council about fluoride (February 12, 2014)

Regina Imburgia & John Park speak to the Dallas City Council about fluoride (February 5, 2014)
Activists for Truth Go to Dallas City Hall to Fight Against Fluoride (December 11, 2013)

PRESS RELEASE!! Activists for Truth will lead a demonstration outside of Dallas City Hall on March 5th at 8:00am

Activists for Truth will lead a demonstration encouraging the Dallas City Council of 2014 to exercise their power to halt the addition of fluoride to the Dallas water.

The Dallas group Activists for Truth has taken on the mission to expose the truth about the dangers of ingesting fluoride. Their conclusions are derived in large part from Doctor Paul Connett’s book that has over 80 pages of references, The Case against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There. ( Regina says Activists for Truth is gathering activists together to stand in solidarity to protest boldly to the Dallas City Council "We do not consent to being medicated."

Regina Imburgia, the founder of Activists for Truth found through a records request submitted to Lance T. Johnson Open Records Coordinator III City of Dallas 1500 Marilla St.Suite 5DS Dallas, TX 75201 that the addition of fluoride to the Dallas water was a result of a City Council decision, not a ballot vote of the people. A Dallas Morning News article titled, Dallas Voters Back Fluoride By 21/2-1 Edge by Gene Ormsby January 1966, has a quote from then Dallas Mayor Erik Jonsson, “This confirms the fact the council basically made the decision (for fluoridation) which the public wanted them to do and expected them to do, I’m just tired and happy.” Regina says, “The Dallas City Council originally made the decision to add the fluoride to the water in 1965 therefore The Dallas City Council can exercise that power and halt the addition of fluoride to our water in 2014”. This same article by Gene Ormsby explains Greater Dallas Association for Pure Water got the signatures necessary to get the issue on the Ballot for the people to vote against the City Council Decision. The City Council's decision was up-help by a 27,080 vote of the people in 1966. Regina explains “In the 1960s the research had not been done and the Pro-Fluoride Campaign was strong”.

"In 2014 there is clear evidence of health risks related to ingesting fluoride," alleges Regina. The Dallas City Council 2014 has the benefit of having the most extensive health research database on fluoride, easily accessed at Doctor Connett explains, “The Precautionary Rule states that because evidence of harm is uncertain, and error costs are very high, it is acceptable to take precautionary action”, Regina says The Precautionary Rule simply put, “when in doubt, leave it out”.

Regina believes, "The research is clear why the City Council should halt the addition of fluoride. If the pro-fluoride groups think it should be added back in, let them get the signatures to get it on the ballot for the people's vote!” She believes, “People are much more informed now and facts prove tooth decay was on the decline at the same rate in UN-fluoridated areas. The pro-fluoride community has endorsements not science and those endorsements have worn thin over the last 50 years. I am one of the many people subjected to this UN-ethical mass medication for tooth decay prevention. I believe it is the responsibility of our present day City Council to take risk factors seriously and engage Activists for Truth and the professionals opposed to fluoridation in conversation seeking the truth about the dangers of fluoridation".

Regina says, "The members of Activists for Truth are confident when The City Council takes the time to review the facts and contact the professionals that oppose fluoridation, they will understand science backs the serious concerns about the dangers of this toxin fluoride". She believes, “It will then be clear to The City Council they must decide to halt the addition of fluoride to the water immediately".

Regina suggests watching this 28 minute video Professionals Perspective on Fluoride she says “I have sent it by email to my Councilman, Phillip Kingston”.

The Dallas City Council has heard from Activists for Truth several times yet Regina says "not one member has responded," this YouTube is two Activists speaking before the City Council February 5, 2013. Regina explains, “The Demonstration out-side City Hall lead by Activists for Truth is to encourage movement on this very serious issue.”

Regina Imburgia on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley (80,000 Listeners!)

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